Katie is a designer born and raised in Utah. She has a passion for natural and earthy elements in her work. She is a mother of 4 kids and while doing what she loves, she is raising a family. She loves to take her family outdoors and enjoys nature.

She started Havenwood with a hope to one day have a design empire. Whether it be remodeling a home, setting up a small outdoor party, or elopement in the woods, she loves to design. Katie's personal style would be under rustic, primitive, and earthy. She believes in timeless design. She also has a love for the 60's time period when people were free spirited.


The name Havenwood is stemmed from a rustic family owned cabin in Sundance, UT. And the name of this place is Havenwood. Her inspiration for antiques and earthy design comes from growing up around nature and the artistic design of the cabin.

The name of Havenwood House comes from my Heritage and maiden name "Houskeeper." And also because house design is what we do. We want everyone to be surrounded by a peaceful and comfortable space.